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Stabiliser is the mixture of fly ash and a binder produced in the mixing facility of a power station or being the final product of the fluid way of incinerating coal, with the fly ash – produced by technological adjustment of fuel – already containing lime.

Stabiliser is supplied in moist or dry condition, ready to be applied immediately. Cement itself or cement clinker may be used as another binder put into stabiliser.

Where does the stabiliser certified and supplied by our company come from?

Our principal supplier of mixed stabiliser is the company ČEZ Energetické produkty s.r.o., namely from the power stations Mělník, Chvaletice and Počerady. We supply the „ready-made“ stabiliser from fluid incineration, produced at the power plant Tisová.

What quantities of stabiliser are we able to supply?

We are currently able to supply mixed stabiliser from the power station Počerady, Mělník and Chvaletice. We supply stabiliser generated by fluid incineration of coal from the power station Tisová. As the material is not produced on a standard basis in the power station’s facility, the options of stabiliser suppliers shall therefore be always specified in advance.

What’s the utilisation of stabiliser?

While moistening stabiliser, the material reacts with water, starting up inner hydratation processes within several minutes. The chemical process generates pozzolanic reactions similar to the cement-hardening process, creating a similar binding ability. Once hardened up, the stabiliser properties are comparable to the properties of so-called poor concrete. If using higher quantities of lime (more than 3%), the material may be considered to be impermeable (resistant to frost and water), with firmness in a pressure 5-10 MPa.

Due to its above-mentioned properties, stabiliser has a great range of utilisation predominantly at geotechnical activities.

Technical specifications of the stabiliser supplied by our company

The stabiliser complies with the environmental requirements (with maximally admissible values of chemical elements in infusion) stipulated in the technical conditions for the “Design and Execution of Road Structures using Fly Ash and Slag“ TP 93, issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications on April 3, 2003; and the requirements fixed by Regulation No. 307/2002 Coll., on Radiation Protection, in the wording of Regulation No. 499/2005 Coll. At the same time, the stabiliser is in compliance with the requirements on results of eco-toxicological tests fixed by Regulation No. 294/2005 Coll. For that reason, stabiliser may be considered to be a sanitary suitable product in compliance with Act No. 102/2001 Coll., on General Safety of Building Products, in effective wording.

The utilisation of fluid coal-incineration stabiliser implies strict adherence to technical rules for its use and conditions for its processing directly at place of its application. We are ready to furnish more detailed information on this issue, or consultations before using properly using the material.

Examples how to use stabiliser

  • Foundation and protection layers of carriageways
  • Anti-flood dams / embankments
  • Anti-noise embankments
  • Barrages of sedimentation ponds and waste junkyards
  • Round-fills and backfills of different structures
  • Backfill material at re-cultivation of areas after mining mineral raw-materials
  • Passage parts of bridges
  • Sealing and closing layers of waste dumpsites in compliance with ČSN 80 8032
  • Stabilisation of soils (ground plain, embankment bodies)
  • Reconstruction of underground hollows after demolitions of building structures, at construction of tunnels, steam lines, sewerage lines and old mining works